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Patients need to bring their extended health coverage card to their appointment for the front desk staff to direct bill.

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People involved in motor vehicle accidents may suffer numerous injuries including whiplash, back injuries, shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee, TMJ injuries and more. Symptoms of dizziness, headaches, nausea and facial pain may be related to neck and jaw injuries.  

All of these injuries should be assessed and reported within ten days of the accident to your insurance company, to ensure coverage of treatment costs by your insurer. 

Prompt attention to these injuries will speed the recovery and healing process and get your back to normal activities. Treatment may include use of physiotherapy modalities, manual therapy, exercise prescription, as well as education of what to expect and how to modify aggravating activities while you are healing.

After you have been in a motor vehicle accident, one of our experienced physiotherapists will spend dedicated one-one-one time with you to assess the injuries from the crash and determine a pain resolution plan.  All of the reports required will be done in a quick and clear manner.

Crowfoot Physio is a contracted clinic with the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB).  For individuals who were injured at work, WCB approves the initial assessment and treatment at Crowfoot Physio with further approval following this visit.  Simply let the clinic know that the injury happened at work when you book your appointment. 

Crowfoot Physiotherapy is able to direct bill to the following extended health companies:

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motor vehicle accidents

Crowfoot Physio is able to work with Long-Term Disability insurance providers to facilitate a successful return to work. Some of the ways this is achieved is through a Functional Assessment Report (FAR) and/or a Functional Restoration Program (FRP):


The Functional Assessment Report (FAR) is a new assessment protocol and report combining a physiotherapy assessment by Tim Kutash (Physiotherapist) and a functional assessment by Joshua Kim (Kinesiologist). This hybrid assessment will include maximum lift evaluation, positional tolerances, as well as the EPIC Spinal Function Sort. The report is a collaborative effort with the client attending for approximately 90 minutes to complete the testing and assessment process. The FAR is an opportunity to gauge a client’s function in a concise manner, with costs reflecting the level of depth and time allotted versus a complete Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE).

In addition, Crowfoot Physiotherapy also offers FCEs which are completed by Joshua Kim (Kinesiologist, certified in Metriks FCE protocol). The FCE involves an intake interview, review of previous medical records, a physical examination, and extensive content valid functional testing, following which a report outlining all findings is provided. Due to the comprehensive nature of the FCE, clients are typically asked to reserve 2 days to complete the evaluation.For more information, or to schedule a FAR or FCE, please contact Crowfoot Physio at 403.241.1600 or via email at joshcrowfootphysio@gmail.com.


This individualized treatment program offered at Crowfoot Physiotherapy begins with an assessment by a physiotherapist. The kinesiologist will then develop an evidence-based exercise program to fit your specific needs. The individualized exercise program is developed in such a manner as to allow you to rehabilitate current injuries or disorders, prevent potential injuries, and manage chronic conditions.

Exercise programs have been proven to greatly improve the success of recovery from injuries such as motor vehicle accidents and the management of on-going chronic conditions. These programs have been shown to improve the likelihood of a successful return to work following injury or illness. 

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Direct billing

Crowfoot Physio has a contract with Alberta Health Services (AHS) that provides funding for patients through the Ambulatory Community Physiotherapy Program. This funding is available for clients who meet the following criteria:

  • Within 12 weeks of a recent fracture (4 visits)
  • Within 12 weeks of a recent surgery (5 visits)
  • Within 12 weeks of one of the following procedures (4 visits)
    • Achilles tendon casting protocol          
    • Dislocation reduced in the emergency room
  • Clients who are part of a government assistance program including AISH, Alberta Works, etc – Please call 1-833-379-0563 for pre-approval
  • Clients who meet AHS low-income eligibility – Please call 1-833-379-0563 for pre-approval