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MetaScan™ Technology
In order to best understand the dynamics of your foot and choose an orthotic that will best meet your needs, the new MetaScan™ technology has begun to be implemented as part of the assessment and analysis of your feet. With MetaScan™ the mechanics of your feet can be better understood and, consequently, the treatment improved. 

MetaScan™ is implemented by simply walking across a pressure plate, which captures the pressure distribution of your foot. A computer then creates a 2D and 3D visual representation of the pressure produced by your foot. The information is summarized into a report that will aid in determining the specific needs of your feet and the need for orthotics. 

MetaScan™ is being successfully implemented in addition to the experience and knowledge of the orthotist in order to determine the specific needs of your feet and the optimal treatment plan.

crowfoot physio ORTHOTICS

Orthotics are devices made specifically for your feet in order to achieve the optimal anatomical position of the foot and leg. Misalignment of the foot and lower leg can cause abnormal forces acting throughout the body, which can lead to further problems including foot, knee, hip, and back pain. The insertion of a specially designed orthotic into your shoes can help to correct current problems and prevent future problems from occurring.

Orthotics can be specially designed to suit you and your lifestyle. Your orthotics can be made to be versatile to fit many of your shoes, as well as specific orthotics for athletic shoes and dress shoes in order to allow for the best possible treatment of your misalignment. These specially designed orthotics have been successful at helping to treat conditions such as bunions, heel pain, shin pain, and other foot and leg pains.

Footmaxx MetaScan Technology