Based on Good Life with osteoarthritis (OA) in Denmark, the GLA:D™ Canada program is a nationwide evidence-based initiative that follows the current recommendations for the treatment of hip and knee osteoarthritis. In Denmark, many patients living with mild, moderate and severe osteoarthritis have reduced symptoms and improved quality of life after participating in the program. Participation may delay or prevent the need for surgical intervention.

What does the program include?

  • Assessment by a registered Physiotherapist certified to administer the GLA:D™ Canada Program
  • Two - 1.5 hour long educational sessions
  • Twelve - 1 hour long supervised neuromuscular exercise classes (6-8 patients per class)
  • Collection of data at pre-program, and at 3 and 12 months post-program on a range of outcome function, quality of life and pain.

Who can participate in GLA:D™ Canada?
Individuals who experience symptoms resulting from hip and/or knee osteoarthritis (e.g. pain, limited function, decreased quality of life)

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